Motcombe Memorial Hall

The village hall, with its field, is held in Trust for the community by a Board of Trustees. The Memorial Hall is self-funding and its income comes from fees paid by those who hire it. However, these fees alone are not sufficient to ensure that the hall and field are maintained and improved for the benefit of the village, so several special fundraising events are held during the year.

Maintenance of the hall and field, and the fundraising events are organised by the Memorial Hall Management Committee. As well as the 200 Club, the committee organises the Motcombe Village Fete, held in June, and various other events.

We need funds for general maintenance of the hall and field, the costs for which are forever rising. There are many improvement projects currently being discussed.

We have recently had the roof examined and whilst it is in very good condition for a 90 year old roof, it will need some major work done in about ten years time. To this end we have started a Roof Fund and decided that £1000 each year will be added and the 200 Club makes a major contribution to this.

If you would like more information about the Hall, or would like to get involved as a committee member, or just as a helper at one of our events, please contact one of our committee members, whose contact details are on the Hall noticeboard, and on our website

200 club Winners

October 2017 Draw

Date of Draw: 25 October 2017

Participating Shares: 139

1st Clive Bourchier £70.00 185
2nd Colin House £46.00 122
3rd Sylvia Roberts £24.00 196

No more 200 Club entries can now be accepted for this year. The first draw for 2018 will be made on 28th February. Details and an application form will be available in January.



You’ve got to be in it to win it!

The amount of the prizes depends upon how many shares are sold but as an example if 200 shares are sold the normal monthly prizes will be:

First Prize £100

Second Prize £66

Third Prize £34

And for the special Christmas Draw in December
the prizes will be:

First Prize £200

Second Prize £132

Third Prize £68



Cheques should be made out to Motcombe Memorial Hall.

Please send or deliver completed forms with your subscription to the Promoter:

Bob Chimley, 13 Stainers Mead,Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 9QF

On receipt of your subscription you will be entered on the register and a unique number will be allocated for each share purchased. A confirmation of the entry will then be sent or e-mailed to you.


1. The name of the lottery is Motcombe 200 club regardless of the number of shares. It may also be referred to as the the Motcombe Lottery

2. The object of the club is to raise funds for the Motcombe Memorial Hall. One pound per share per annum is used to cover expenses of running the lottery. Half of the remaining money received from Participants is used for prizes and the remainder for the maintenance of the Memorial Hall.

3. The Lottery is administered by a Promoter appointed by the Motcombe Memorial Hall Management Committee. Any change of Promoter will be publicised on the Village notice board, in the Villager and on the Memorial Hall website.

4. Participants must be aged sixteen or over. A purchaser of a share becomes a Participant in the Lottery. Participants may purchase any number of shares.

5. The number of shares in the Lottery will be unlimited and each share will be allocated a unique number.

6. The Lottery runs for the eleven months from February to December. There is a draw each calendar month with a first, second and third cash prize. the first prize is 50% of the allocated prize money, the second prize is 33% and the third prise is 17% with all sums rounded to the nearest pound.

7. Allocated monthly prize money consists of one pound per participating share for that month, except for the December raw which will be at the rate of two pounds per participating share.

8. Prize-winners will be notified at the last address held by the Promoter for that Participant. It is the responsibility of a Participant to advise the Promoter of ay change. The Promoter will use his best endeavours to locate prize-winners, but any prize cheque not cashed (or any winner not located) within 3 months of the date of the draw will be deemed a donation to the Memorial Hall. A list of prize-winners will also be listed in the “Villager” and on the Memorial Hall website.

9. The full description for each share is £25 payable annually in advance by cash or cheque. Full subscriptions must be received by the Promoter before the 2nd February together with a completed application form. Members may join the club during the year at the following rates:

Joining Date No. Of Monthly Draws Draw Months Sub-scription
By 28th Feb 11 Feb – Dec £25
By 26th Apr 9 Apr – Dec £21
By 26th Jul 6 Jul – Dec £15
By 25th Oct 3 Oct – Dec £9

10. A participants share(s) will take part in monthly draws for the year as per the table above. Everypaid up share will be included in avery monthly draw and the unique share number allocated to each share at the date of joining will be used in each monthly draw.

11. Each monthly draw will be made at the Memorial Hall Management Committee meeting or at another designated venue there is no Management Committee Meeting in that month.

12. The Promoter will not pay a price to any Participant other than the purchaser of the winning share.

13. Subscriptions will not be refunded except that if the number of paid up shares does not reach fifty the Lottery will be terminated and monies for that year year returned to the participants .

14. The Promoter will determine and dispute. An appeal may be made to the motcombe Memorial Hall Management Committee whose decision shall be final.

15. The lottery is a private lottery under the provisions of the Small Societies Lottery legislation as specified in the 2005 Gambling Act.